Empty pit

July 25th, 2014

During football practices, the area where injured players work out is called the "pit."

The goal for the coming training camp is to have an empty pit.

This summer, only players who are healthy enough to practice will be invited to the Aug. 4 opening of training camp. Players recovering from significant injuries will be added after they receive medical clearance. The next week will determine whether such players as Samson Anguay, Jamie Tago and Kawika Borden will be ready for camp.

The Warriors will be under the training-camp limit of 105 players as they await results of players seeking to transfer. There are at least five transfer players still awaiting admission into UH.

96 Responses to “Empty pit”

  1. 3-Prong:

    Happy Aloha Friday Gang!

  2. boya_jr:

    Can't get enough Warrior football. I must be certified tsaiko.

  3. MattyBoy:


    So I guess it's true huh? With Kirkwood wanting to transfer. That's a big blow to the offense.

  4. Old School Dave:

    All of these late transfers reminds me of the days when players from other schools could play immediately for UH without redshirting when the school was still an independent. That practice ended in 1978, a year prior to UH's entry into the Old WAC. One rival WAC coach at the time said that he didn't need to scout Hawaii. Instead, he just checked Street and Smith's Magazine, along with who transferred to UH. Different animal today, since these are graduate transfers.

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    It's not so simple for a graduate student to transfer. One of the exemptions to playing immediately is being accepted into a graduate program that is unique to those available at the initial school. And, of course, having a BA doesn't ensure admission into graduate school. GPAs and other requirements are factors.

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Old School Dave:
    I remember in the old days when Street & Smith's was the only source for preseason college football information.
    I also remember when I first started at the Advertiser that I had to use the managing editor's phone to make long-distance calls to the mainland on weekends. Our desk phones required using our in-house operator.
    We also used to have to teletype requests to NFL teams to find out if any player with Hawaii ties qualified for an NFL roster.
    It really is a better world today.

  7. Old School Dave:

    Stephen: I think I still have an old Street and Smith lying around with Gary Beban (?) on the cover. Maybe get some $$ on e-bay? :-)

    Regarding the WRs, UH still have Scott Harding (Mr. Do it All), Quinton Pedroza, the 2 Utah boys (Kemp and Barker), Vasquez Haynes, among others. Looking forward to seeing freshmen Don'Yeh Patterson, Darien Jossey, and Terrence Sayles (all 6' or taller) on the field.

  8. Stephen Tsai:

    Fifteen years ago, we had one iMac in the sports department. It was the only computer linked to the Internet. There was a writer I won't name — hint: there are quotation marks around his first name — who used to dominate use of the iMac. It reminded me of those prison movies where there's one guy hogging the pay phone. You'd better get off the phone now or I'm gonna cut you with this toothbrush …

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    Old School Dave:
    The best of the group might be Devan Stubblefield.

  10. Old School Dave:

    Stephen: Forgot about Devan. No slight intended.

  11. jojo:

    Excuse my naiveness, but does the pit have a PT ensuring that the players are rehabbing or working on their non-injured parts? You know, I've been just beating up my ankle even if I really should be resting it mainly because I don't have a PT watching my every move. Then again, I have crazy friends that keep telling me go to the orthopedic guy.
    OK I digress, as usual.

    Happy Friday!

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    They do have athletic trainers on site.

  13. Old School Dave:

    Stephen: Was it this model of the old macs?


    I remember working on those old macs. I even remember MS DOS. Technology sure has made out lives easier.

  14. Stephen Tsai:

    No, it was a red iMac. It was like a toaster. Just plug it in and wait for somebody to stop using it.

  15. jimmy the lock:


    I wonder what is the salary of a UH athletic trainer. You gotta luv the job and the abnormal hours. Thanks to them for all they do.

    Was there ever a UH football season where Samson Anguay was healthy?

  16. Lowtone123:

    I thought Kirkwood had the most potential of last season's recruits.

  17. Warrior Dave:

    5 waiting to transfer... if they can't play this season, why is fall camp important for them? There's always spring. Just wondering aloud...

  18. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Good Morning Gangeez! ;)

    The big question is, who's going to be the QB who makes stars out of all of those receivers who chose to stay?

    Another question - can you name the five who are awaiting acceptance into UH. Are they the ones already mentioned. Please, refresh my memory, Stephen.

  19. jimmy the lock:

    The question is do the Rainbow Warriors have a QB that can make stars out of the receiving corps?

  20. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Jtl - I'm thinking one of them will get it done, given what we've seen of their potential, so for me, the question remains, who?

  21. SteveM:

    Good morning everyone!

    RE: #8 & 14
    ST -- I can picture that. In the same time frame, a lead engineer in a major defense contractor who told me that while everyone in his building had a computer, there was only one computer connected to the internet... a Mac. It was situated in a lobby and in plain view of everyone. The company was concerned about internet viruses and spyware so only allowed a Mac. One.

  22. tommui:

    #21 -SteveM:

    In those days, one bought a Mac as it was less prone to spyware and viruses than the PC since the Mac was only about 10-15% of the computer market and not worth the effort to fabricate spyware and viruses. But you know that!

  23. tommui:

    Nice get together of the usual suspects to meet Boolakanaka and to see Wafan again. Thanks to Joanne for broadcasting the same on WB and making the reservations.


    Yesterday, I received a nice letter from Ben Jay thanking me for my contribution to the UH athletics program to help with the travel costs. He says that even though they didn't meet the goal of $10,000, the good news is that this is incremental money that they would not have without the crowdfunding campaign. He also says that it was also an educational opportunity as they found out that many fans were not aware of the challenges UH athletics face with regard to travel costs.

    He also goes on to say that our student-athletes deserve all that any competitive Division 1-A top 50 program can offer.

    Thank you Ben Jay for the work that you do.

  25. Wes'side Warrior:

    Morning, Gang!

    Oh wait... it's after noon already. My, how time flies when diagnosing engine overheating problems.

    Sorry I missed the shindig. My appointment was rescheduled last minute, and my wife decided to schedule her schedule into my schedule instead. No worries. Next time.

    ST... "Just plug it in and wait for somebody to stop using it."

    Sounds like computer usage at my house with the kids on school vacation.

  26. Wes'side Warrior:

    And don't even get me started on da lady in Admissions in da QLC...

    Yep, not gonna stress on her inadequacies in the area of (spoken) English comprehension. My son has to get his Hawaii residency done before the start of this next term.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  27. Biggestuhfan:

    Still get Street and Smiths? Does anybody know? They used to be the best until Phil Steele et. al. came along

  28. Ipu Man:

    Arm pit.

  29. Ipu Man:

    Snake pit.

  30. Ipu Man:

    Bottomless pit.

  31. d1shima:

    Nose pit. (say 5 times fast)

  32. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Peach pit.

  33. d1shima:


    Great Afternoon All!

  34. Da Punchbowl Kid:

    Arm pit

  35. d1shima:

    ...whatever you do, Warriors, avoid the pits!

  36. jimmy the lock:

    Da Punchbowl Kid, I don't know about potential since it's been there the last 2 years. Potential was there in all phases of the game but it was never realized.

    "Working hard is great, being lazy sometimes is great, but failed potential is the worst."
    Campbell Scott

    The "Hot Stuff" advocate. I wonder who remembers Hot Stuff?

  37. jimmy the lock:

    Racing pit
    Pit stop

  38. jimmy the lock:

    Mosh pit
    Pit Bull

  39. jimmy the lock:

    Brad Pitt

  40. Shoko:

    Never quite understood why a convict would scale a razor fence to escape a prison that is located on an island.

    It's not like he can swim to a neighboring island that honors a non-extradition treaty.

  41. jimmy the lock:

    Fire pit

  42. jimmy the lock:

    Orchestra pit

  43. jimmy the lock:

    Flintstone gravel pit

  44. jimmy the lock:

    cockpit :lol:

  45. papajoe2:


  46. Shoko:

    From the Las Vegas Journal.

    Hawaii lost five games by a touchdown or less last season, including two in overtime, in going 1-11, causing some fans to want the Rainbow Warriors to bring in a priest.

    “Honestly, a couple of people wanted us to go hire a Hawaiian kahuna and get rid of the evil spirits because the university’s cursed, the athletic program is cursed and the ball club is cursed,” coach Norm Chow said, laughing."

    I'm not a superstitious guy, but considering how much the program is struggling the past two years, I don't see how hiring a Kahuna to bless the team can hurt.

  47. d1shima:

    Buy a soda 'n

    ...sip it!

  48. Shoko:

    Do we have money in the athletic budget to hire a Kahuna?

  49. jimmy the lock:

    Should make a human sacrifice in the volcano pit.

  50. st. anthony trojan:

    # 40 Shoko...maybe he cAN swim to big island n hole up in the "city of refuge"...wonder how would hold up for sumone of hawaiian ancestry..n what would happen ?

    # 49...you have a suggestions who we should throw into the "LAVA PIT"....?????

    Maybe the admission lady in QLC ????

  51. jimmy the lock:

    We need to throw a virgin. Any out there wanna fess up and make the ultimate sacrifice? C'mon, if you still a virgin now, small chance you won't be one in the future so jump! :lol:

  52. kawika49:

    Ok Mr the lock.
    Today is Friday so, joke time.
    That's why no more Christmas in Russia.
    1- Can't find a Virgin named Mary.
    2. They executed all their wise men.

  53. jimmy the lock:

    "After hearing that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Putin said, 'Tell me who the other nominees are — and I will eliminate them.'"
    Conan O'Brien

  54. st. anthony trojan:

    ha ha ha... # 51... me here in Manila still looking for a 50 YEAR OLD VIRGIN....

    Every cab driver i have asked that in Manila...all died... from laughing...he he he he

    But as joke only...amazing...some women here...that live in the province...out in the "sticks"...have
    not seen a white man in person...

    Reminds me when back in high school... never seen a man of color till a junior. (a class mate)

    good luck ur search jimmy he he he

  55. jimmy the lock:

    A virgin tsaiko walks into a bar and asks the bartender, "What's the fastest way to get to Aloha stadium?" The bartender says, "Are you walking or do you have a car?" Virgin tsaiko answers, "I have a car." Bartenter says, "Well, then, that's the fastest way."

  56. jimmy the lock:

    A bear walks into the bar and asks "Can I have a………………………………………………………Guinness?" and the bartender says, "why the big paws?"

  57. kawika49:

    What will be interesting in the weeks to come before kick off is; How many go, or no go slips are given.

  58. kawika49:

    Hint: 3 no goes sit..0 no goes tops.

  59. Lowtone123:


  60. jimmy the lock:

    Sand pit
    Horseshoe pit

  61. Andrew:

    From the PAC12 Blog on ESPN.com

    "The big news from Day 2 was that Washington Huskies quarterback Cyler Miles will be suspended for the first game of the season when the Huskies face the Hawaii Warriors on Aug. 30.

    What does this mean for the Huskies in the short term? Nothing. As my colleague Ted Miller tweeted, a certain member of the Pac-12 blog could probably start at quarterback against Hawaii and win (though Ted is giving said member more credit than he deserves). Either Jeff Lindquist or Troy Williams will be fine. "

    Wow Ted Miller is really not holding back. I hope Clune sees this and shows this to the defense to get them even more fired up. Seems like they have a lot of media material to go with as many publications are doing the same.


    Jerome Williams doing well so far in his first start for Texas after being called up from the minors.
    6 innings, 5 hits, 1 earned run.
    Texas 2 - Oakland 1.

  63. st. anthony trojan:

    Olive pit... with that red stuff inside.. not eat that in years..

  64. st. anthony trojan:

    Yea # 61...guess they figure they have a "solid defense n offensive line"

    Not showing ne respect for our warriors...

    Possible a "snake pit" bite coming up in August..

  65. Andrew:

    I hope UH surprises them on game day and comes up with the upset. Would be nice to see them eat their words. I like Chris Peterson and hope he is successful there but not on this game

  66. d1shima:


  67. st. anthony trojan:

    Me agree u Andrew.. he always comes up with sumthing "outside the box"...when game on the line.. n he needs points... not a "conventional coach"...hope he does well there ..once his QB returns.. n not before it..

  68. d1shima:

    pith helmet

  69. d1shima:


  70. Inyoface:

    At least most of our qb's have some game time experience.

  71. Andrew:

    I hope that there is good attendance for the first game, although I have feeling that the number of UW fans will be pretty close to the amount of UH fans...It's sad how many fair weather fans there are here that only show up when the team wins.

  72. kawika49:

    Andrew, until they get a package; for the neighbor Islands. As a single, disabled veteran; I will do the pay per view.

  73. kawika49:

    Me thinks Hale Koa, should something about this.

  74. kawika49:

    Red ink or blue ink?

  75. kawika49:

    Any Kahuna deserving their salt would step forward, without a fee.

  76. st. anthony trojan:

    kawiki me hear you... b-4 me was in kona..used to go to few games...stay at airport hotel...they have van.. pick up at airport.. if had a few of you.. they can easily take stadium n pick up after..
    me sure if had 6 or 8 of you..they would do...but will UHAD...get you tickets etc..

  77. 3-Prong:

    "Pit-y The fool!" (Mr. T) hehe

  78. RainbowCliff:

    Good evening Tsaiko Nation !

    The term "Big Kahuna" would mean a priest as I thought it always meant BIG person on the Island like an endearing Hawaiian VIP who comes down to greet and welcome you to the Islands. Would appreciate any clarification to this affectionate phrase. Mahalo !

  79. nutmegger:

    An Hawaiian blessing at the beginning of fall camp seems like a tradition that should have been started long ago. Or is it against UH policy? I am pretty sure a blessing starts all the new construction at UH, so should be ok at the start of construction of a new team.

  80. kawika49:

    Mr. Rainbow Cliff; no, it would be a person, that walks the walk. A well respected person of the community. I would suspect that Dan Akaka's son would be more than happy to do it for airfair.

  81. kawika49:

    He is a Kahu, not a Kahuna.

  82. SteveM:

    RE: #72
    Old story: Back in the mid-80's, I was the junior agent and only UH football fan working at a travel agency (now long gone). The manager came up with the RAINBOW EXPRESS for UH football games at Aloha Stadium...and Pro Bowl. I was ordered to be the escort. Did I ever tell you how difficult it is to count people in a bus after a game...? But I digress.

    Rainbow Express charged $15 per person, for which you got (1) free parking at the airport area hotel , (2) 2 free drinks at the hotel bars and free pupus as your tailgate, (3) bus ride to and from Aloha Stadium.

    You could have your own tickets, or I would be the gopher to go to stadium and buy them for you @ $25 as I recall. Of course, if you had to fly in for the game, the hotel would be the best place to stay with free airport shuttle. This what the hotel hoped to get out of this, plus any meals and extra drinks you might optionally buy.

    From the neighbor Islands, figure $60 roundtrip air, $80 hotel, $25 ticket (unless you had your own), $15 Rainbow express. Total $180 plus extra food. $140 per person if you had a partner for hotel dbl occupancy.

    I estimate the same package today would be around $300 per person ($250 dbl occupancy) plus food.

    That amount seems expensive to me, but that's bare bones today. This is probably why no one is offering neighbor island UH game packages. But all you would need is a real cooperative hotel w/shuttle, a game night bus, and someone to organize it-- most likely a travel agency, although an enterprising hotel could pull it off too.

  83. kawika49:

    By the way, there are many Tsaiko's that are Kahu's

  84. st. anthony trojan:

    or Joe Onasai maybe ?

  85. Inyoface:

    I want to fly to Hawaii for the first game but probably watch it with my dad in the Bay Area. I'll definitely be at the San Jose and SDSU game.

  86. kawika49:

    Steve M. I was the one that did the rainbow room at Holiday Inn Airport and allowed them to use our banquet rooms, for taping and meals before the games.

  87. st. anthony trojan:

    # 85 ...that is a big commitment to watch the first game there...play the lotto.. you may hit it big he he he good luck... n nice intentions on ur part...

  88. kawika49:

    Steve M $350-400 I can do. $400 max maybe. $500 if guarantee a question to a coach.

  89. Inyoface:

    I don't play the lotto ever.

  90. st. anthony trojan:

    just read.. where 4 dismissed texas players are coming to uh campus... ne one know if ne truth to that ?

  91. kawika49:

    #90 make that 6.

  92. kawika49:

    Them buggahs been buggahs..Do we need them?

  93. st. anthony trojan:

    yea they can clean up keeaumoku street he he he

  94. RainbowCliff:

    #80 kawika49: Thank you for the clarification. I thought it was a phrase that express being bold or self importance. Heard the term many times as I even use it describing a friend of mines on the Island who really walks the walk. Enjoy saying it during my presentation recruiting Southern California students. Imua Warriors !

  95. Old School Dave:

    Six UT players dismissed, in all. Four of those UT players have been charged with rape, according to reports.


  96. 99club:

    Good morning Tsaikos. Fingers crossed for everyone to stay/get healthy and make it to camp!

    Suggestion to Panda Travel:

    Oct 3: Austin City Limits Music Festival
    Oct 4: UH vs. Rice
    Oct 5: Austin City Limits Music Festival