Monday musings

July 28th, 2014

It's Monday, time to empty to notebook.

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The Warriors' first practice is a week away, on Monday, Aug. 4.

* * * * *

The Warriors should have a better understanding of the potential transfers. The NCAA limits training-camp rosters to 105, but they may expand on the first day of  UH's fall semester (Aug. 25).  The Warriors will not be adding too many after training camp. There are only 110 lockers. Plus, the new all-you-can-eat meal plans make it costlier to add walk-ons.

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A booster seeking anonymity is hosting a fund-raiser dinner this Thursday. The 80 seats are sold. The donor will match the amount raised. Proceeds go to Na Koa, the football team's booster club.

* * * * *

Revenue from football ticket sales and accompanying premium fees goes to Koa Anuenue, the umbrella fund-raising group, to pay for scholarships. Na Koa, which does not receive a cut of the ticket revenue, has to generate revenue on its own to pay for summer school and supplement training-table meals, among other expenses.

There were 750 Na Koa members the past academic year.

Those interested in joining Na Koa or attending the Aug. 21 Pigskin Pigout should log on to:

* * * * *

Leftover pictures from the MWC media days:

Nevada quarterback Cody Fajardo and defensive end Brock Hekking:



Hawaii's Joey Iosefa:



"Team Leaf" bracelet in honor of  San Jose State linebacker (and former UH fullback) Jared Leaf, who was seriously injured in an apartment fire:



San Diego State offensive lineman Terry Poole's size-18 shoe:



And here's a video of Rocky Long interviewing his players:


* * * * *

Former UH safety Charles Clay said he's enjoying the Green Bay Packers' training camp.

Or, as Clay texted: "Mhhmmm definitely."

82 Responses to “Monday musings”

  1. Stiguy808:


  2. Stiguy808:

    Size 18 shoes.

  3. Ipu Man:

    Hmmmm.... Morning all. Soon it will be September.

  4. Stephen Tsai:

    In need of size-18 shoes?
    Go here:

  5. Stephen Tsai:

    Want to get a "Brock" haircut?
    Go here:

  6. Stephen Tsai:

    Want to be part of Team Leaf?
    Go here:

  7. Old School Dave:

    Good Morning All.

    Are those pending graduate transfers allowed to work out with the team while their grad school apps are being processed?

  8. tommui:


    Hope we will survive at UH - with Apple turnover, deficit budget, disfunctional upper campus, amd a legislature that reduces instead of supporting the UH budget.

  9. Stephen Tsai:

    They may work out in unsupervised drills, but not in the regular conditioning program.

  10. Stephen Tsai:

    "Apple turnover."
    That's funny.

  11. boolakanaka:

    Aloha kākou! Brock, the Boz called, he is pissed, and wants his hairdo back ASAP.....

  12. Stephen Tsai:

    "Stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with my brand new invention …"

  13. Old School Dave:

    Stephen: Thanks. So I take it that these players have to do their lifting elsewhere.

    I remember back in the late 70s, many UH players lifted at the old Nautilus Fitness Center in the First Interstate Building on South King St.

  14. st. anthony trojan:

    A-Housev got it right---

    "whether it's BJ or future AD, he/she needs to work with the legislature to seek permanent funding for all the "non-revenue" sports and travel expenses as long Uh is in the MWCwhether it's BJ or future AD, he/she needs to work with the legislature to seek permanent funding for all the "non-revenue" sports and travel expenses as long Uh is in the MWC"

    Now the next step is to ask those running in your district... to answer that question if asked by how they would vote...YES or NO...NO POLITICAL ANSWERS ACCEPTED WITH LIP AND BULL...if the answer is not YES... then it is NO...accept no substitutes...

    Then up to you to vote....

    Have a good day u'all...

  15. Old School Dave:

    What's with the traffic going to and from Hawaii Kai. Got stuck in traffic last week trying to make a quick (?) run out there. Think I'll avoid trips to the East Side from now on. The DOT said that the repaving of Kalanianaole Hwy will take 2-years, so you can add an additional 18 months to that, given State projects. Who's the State legislator out there? But on the other hand, they'll get no sympathy from drivers on the West Side of the island :-).

    Asking the Legislature to fund non-revenue women's sports, as mandated by IX, is not unreasonable, IMHO.

  16. Stephen Tsai:

    Old School Dave:
    It's going to get worse before it gets better. Re-paving is supposed to take 18 months!

  17. Stephen Tsai:

    OK, I get it. I realize that construction is a visual advertisement to a robust economy, that when you drive past — or are stalled — you realize improvements are on the way.
    But, c'mon, why not focus on a few problems and then move on to the next. Why does every neighborhood and every major freeway/highway/etc. need to be under construction?
    I think the only people making money are the traffic-cone manufacturers.

  18. Stephen Tsai:

    While I'm on the rant, why do the TV reporters always tell you what's closed, but don't tell you why it's closed? Truly amazing.
    And what happens if the incumbent doesn't win? Are we going to be left with giant holes and unfinished projects around town?
    (I get grouchy when I'm in a car for more than an hour.)

  19. Old School Dave:

    Need some relaxation DVDs while driving.

  20. Old School Dave:

    Sorry, meant CDs. Do people still buy CDs? Give me back my old clunky 8-track cassette tapes blasting Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Taking Care of Business" in my 75 Dodge Dart :-)

    Someone needs to live in the now, as kids would say.

  21. boolakanaka:

    What both casual observers like ourselves, but also germane principals like legislators and senior executives within the UH administration, must realize is that in the last 8-9 years, and this is nationally, only about 2 dozen (and less in some years) D1 programs actually make a profit.

    Specifically, a recent NCAA-commissioned study found that only about 24 programs reported positive net revenue in fiscal year 2010, up from 19 schools in 2006. The report also found that “expenses were increasing at only a slightly faster rate than revenues,” and that “losses continue to grow.” Among those that lost money in the Football Bowl Subdivision, which includes the largest programs, the average deficit reported was $9.9 million. And that's the average...which is much closer to 10 million than to our 2 million.

    Consider the following as a case study--the University of Minnesota of the Big 10:

    In recent years, a growing number of colleges have used corporate sponsorships, sold-out football stadiums and television revenue to monetize their athletics departments. The University of Minnesota is not one of them.

    Their athletics department has relied upon a deferred debt payments, timely large donations from alumni and help from the Big 10 and the University, in its attempt to maintain balanced finances. The distribution money Minnesota receives from the Big 10 has mitigated catastrophic losses. The wealthy programs however — e.g Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan, each among the largest programs in the country — continue to get richer.

    In the 2009 fiscal year — which ended last June — the Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State athletics departments each reported more than $14 million in profit to the U.S. Department of Education. Minnesota, with $69.3 million in expenses and $67.7 million in revenue, needed to draw, which is essentially an advance, of $1.6 million from the athletics endowment to balance its budget. Minnesota made $25 million less revenue than Penn State and Michigan and nearly $50 million less than Ohio State.

    Though Big Ten money has kept athletics finances afloat, competing against the conference’s — and the country’s — ever-rising tide of money has stretched athletics finances and forced the department to search for new ways to generate revenue and balance its budget.

    The report stated that “allocated revenues,” those funds which came directly from the school or state, had risen from 20 percent of total revenue in 2006 to 30 percent in 2008. Thus, making the rather paradoxical business function of commercial activity rising, while losses — both by athletics programs and universities — also increasing??

    In short, the leading programs have profoundly separated themselves even from the pack--
    this pack includes 4 Big 10 schools reported profits greater than $16 million in prior years.

    Summarily, there are no magic wands, and no prototype marketing schematics to emulate--facts are that we are in a limited market, that dictate restriction in both our population, coupled with that we are geographically isolated. The only long-term solutions, to both address the systemic budget deficit situation, and the cost of producing a premium product from the athletic department is as follows (in no particular order); raise student activity fees (even a 70-80 dollar increase cuts the amount close to half) and have the legislature to draw a formula to meet budget shortfalls--there are not two ways about it---the sustainability of the program requires a capital commitment from the both the state and institution itself.

  22. Shoko:

    Interesting column by a Fresno reporter regarding athletic budgets and being "revenue-poor" with an interesting quote by a former player.

    "One ex-Bulldog tells me many players look forward to road games because they eat better at hotels and while traveling than they do at home. That's nuts -- and not the almond kind."

    Read more here:

  23. Shoko:

    Football season quickly approaching. Seems the offseason sort of flew by this year, which is always a good thing.

  24. Last Call:

    Breaking Good News:

    President Barack Obama's daughter Malia won't be attending UH. :-)

  25. jimmy the lock:

    Companies that deal with tire/suspension problems are also making money. I wish that Costco would get a tire alignment system. And a self serve (insert your Costco card) tire inflation system. And bring back their hand dipped ice cream bars smothered with nuts.

    I wonder what brand of computer Apple uses?

    Is UH like the Garden of Eden? Did they eat the forbidden fruit?

  26. Inyoface:

    I think the offseason flew by was because of the World Cup, wish there was a sporting event like that every year instead of trying to watch baseball or golf to kill time.

  27. jimmy the lock:

    I guess you don't watch the Tour de France?

  28. hatakeman:

    Of all the games this season, I want to see the Warriors beat the Wolfpack, but getting the W will be really hard because of those two guys - Fajardo and Hekking.

  29. C-Pop:

    #22: Better food during road games (include in town nite before hm gm) has always been case at majority of D1 schools forever, presentation & chefs at hotels usually top notch.

  30. Shoko:

    Well, didn't follow the World Cup very closely other than reading the headlines in the paper. Think it was being preoccupied with other things outside of sports that made time fly.

  31. Shoko:

    With the exception of the beat down that occurred in 2012, in part to a new coaching staff and system, the Wolf Pack historically always struggled to win in Hawaii due to what most Pack fans call the "island curse".

  32. boolakanaka:

    24--Not sure of the intent of your post, and I don't want to infer too much....but, the fact that she attends Sidwell Friends School in DC....the young lady has many many options.

    The average SAT at UH is about 1100 or even a smidge lower, the same average score for her HS is about, while college is always about what you make it, and there are no perfect schools, I would say, she was probably not looking to spend 4 years in Manoa, in the first place.

  33. Luker#8:

    We'll stated, agree with you.
    Thank you.

  34. Luker#8:

    Typo: well

  35. boolakanaka:

    In much more football related news, I was peeking the Packer blogs (and damn, they have some real football fanatics over there??!!) and it appears that even though Charlie boy is just a FA, many writers that cover Green Bay are predicting that he makes either the practice squad or active short, they seem very high on him.


  36. $:

    Boolakanaka time to quit Yale and come help UH.

  37. boolakanaka:

    But, $, they give me free boola-boola wear??! Plus, I don't think, even after all these years, that I am allowed up at campus center.....a tawdry incident that will remain without any additional details--lol.

  38. Andrew:


    She could be attending one of the worst high schools in America but since her last name is Obama she can go to any University she chooses

  39. boolakanaka:

    Not exactly, I doubt Liberty and Oral Roberts would accept her with open arms.

  40. NorthShoreFan:

    Guud Morning Tsaikos...bootiful day.

    Shout out to TEAM CAUTION...Sonny's 10th Annual Push & Pull Championships @NBC.
    6 World Titles....
    Treylan Kobayashi: 275# @114 Teen Men 18-19...World Record
    Jallel Fabro: 336# @123 Teen Men 19-19 World Record
    William Lumayas: 413# @149 Teen Men 18-19 World Record, Most Outstanding Teen Men
    Gerika Kaaua-Acorda 248# @220 Teen Women 18-19 World Record, Most Outstanding Teen, Jr, Sub-Master Women
    James Valmoja 457# @132 Master Men 47-53 World Record
    Edwin Manmano 717# @165 Open Men, World Record, Most Outstanding Open Men

    Dang a lot of iron to push and pull!

  41. NorthShoreFan:

    oops Jallel Fabro 18-19

  42. NorthShoreFan:

    First 4 Bench the other two Deadlift

  43. Inyoface:

    Is that the son of Brian Bosworth on Nevada?

  44. jimmy the lock:

    You mean the Brian Bosworth that got run over by the Bo Jackson train?

  45. gobows:


    They treat many alumni pretty shitty from what ive heard.

    750 members in na koa. That shouldnt count as a "booster"

  46. Lowtone123:


  47. hatakeman:

    Curse? Nevada stomped Hawaii 69-24 at Aloha Stadium in 2012. Stefphon Stevenson scored seven touchdowns on 170 rushing yards in 31 attempts. Rolo relished whipping the Warriors although they/he/Wolfpack let up in the 4th. Warriors have to even the slate this time around.

  48. Old School Dave:

    You can't fire me. I have friends in high places!

  49. jeezy33:

    47. One thing I am fairly confident about is this defense won't get run on this year. Of course we could get really unlucky and have everyone get hurt but we have a strong and talented D line finally. Better than the year with Meatoga, Tuipulotu, and Masch in my opinion.

  50. kawika49:

    I am a Georgetown Grad (attend UH 1 yr.), gives me a reason to be an Nakoa.

  51. whitey:

    kawika49, much mahalos.

  52. ai-eee-soos:

    O K - now the really important news ....

    A judge has ruled against Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and cleared the way

    for the $2 billion sale of the team to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

    2 billion - no problemo for some people.

  53. Boolakanaka:

    52... He literally paid in cash--and saved a couple of million in transaction fees--the nerve of some people-lol.

  54. Ipu Man:

    People with the name of Steve always throw money around. Or is that
    called research in Las Vegas for Steve Tsai?

  55. whitey:

    i always thought his name was stephen, not steve, steven, stephan. i guess i was mistaken.

  56. Inyoface:

    Must be easy to get Jordon retro's in size 18. Size 10, forget about it.

  57. papajoe2:

    Former NBA player wore a size 23 shoe.

  58. papajoe2:

    While in the NFL, Brian Bozworth, aka "the Boz", once said in the week before his team (Seattle?) was to play the Broncos at Denver, "I'm going to kill John Elway". During the game, the stadium was full of the white t-shirts of the Boz with the circle around it and line through it. Guess who manufactured and sold the t-shirts? Yup, the Boz himself.

  59. papajoe2:

    #57, sorry, it was Bob Lanier.

  60. Stephen Tsai:

    Everybody tells me Tevita is the guy. He might even be a captain

  61. Z:

    How come when things happen at UH someone is out of town?

  62. Z:

    I thought photo was of chef Ramsay with a mullet.

  63. haka:

    So you're calling Fajardo a mullet?!! ;-)

  64. kawika49:

    Whitey, I did it; didn't know I would get a double bubble. However, what would happen if we got a few (*2) more? * double bubble= donation plus donation. Glad to do it.

  65. islandman:

    25. I vote for ice cream bars w/ nuts too.

    Stephen in an article yesterday wrote on MWC has chance for BCS bowl berth, with the 4 team playoff. Does that mean the G5 schools are not dead yet ?

  66. kawika49:

    Cheaper for me, than going to Oahu, room, hotel, etc, etc,etc,
    That's why Pay for view for me.

  67. kawika49:

    #51 The above was for yuooose. Glad to do it.

  68. kawika49:


  69. kawika49:

    Whitey you cost me $550 you buggah...I'll take a Primo in return.

  70. Tiki808:

    What's the size of Tom Apple's shoes?

  71. whitey:

    kawika49, you on, but due to fix income, going buy you generic beer. hahahhaaaa. nah, i buy you beer. walang problema.

  72. Fei "Fat Boy" Jai:



    Numbers say it all.

    So sad.

  73. Capitolist/WassupDoc:

    capitolAre the Tsai-kos still in existence? I haven't heard from anyone - except at the Capitol - for at least ten months or so. Will there be T-Gate Parties this fall?

    I am very disturbed about what is happening with Tom Apple. I hope that Jeff Portnoy will raise issues at the upcoming Regents committee meetings as well as at the monthly meetings.

  74. kawika49:

    #71 Not good enuf; I'll give you an airborne press on your upper left corner.. It's all good
    and well worth it.

  75. kawika49:

    #70 Not long enough.
    But he got caliber.

  76. Ralph:

    Whitey, pack your bags for Canada, lots of salmon in the Fraser River

    Vancouver Is Awesome
    7 hrs ·
    This year is going to be a BIG year for salmon. The sockeye salmon run on the Fraser River this year is expected to be the largest one in the last 100 years!

  77. whitey:

    thanks ralph. long time no see. going back to the north country in sept for kings, silvers, ling cod, and h'but.

  78. kawika49:

    Mr. a free ticket to any event thanks to the H zone . email me and I will send to u to give away. Football and all sports.

  79. Buffoman:

    Saw in todays paper that Kapolei has a huge o-line. Those guys look bigger than UH's. Any chance UH could get a couple and that 6'7" d-lineman to become Warriors.

  80. Shoko:

    Appears Colorado State is getting closer to fundraising for a new 40,000 on-campus stadium that's projected to cost $254 million in which $110 million would come from private donations. Artist renditions of the proposed stadium looks very nice. Now lets see if they can fill it to capacity if they get it built!

  81. bpiccolo:

    Does anyone know where Lassner is?

  82. boolakanaka:

    80--Shoko, if you asked me that 10-12 years ago, I would scoff and offer to buy you a beer. However, of late ( the last 5-6 years) is not only CO's fastest growing areas, but ranks nationally in cities of its size for relocation and economic development. Now, only time will tell, but at present, they are in a pretty good situation.

    That said, shout outs to my neighbor growing-up, former CSU Rams and Damien NG, Todd Schmidt.....imua bruddha!