Meet the press

July 23rd, 2014

LAS VEGAS — Today is the Warriors' turn to receive attention at the MWC Football Media Days.















Warriors picked 6th in media poll

July 22nd, 2014

The Warriors are predicted to finish sixth  among six West Division teams, according to a media preseason poll released this morning at the Mountain West Conference football media days.

West Division

1. Fresno State (15 first-place votes) — 174 points

2. San Diego State (15) — 172

3. Nevada (3) — 130

4. UNLV — 95

5. San Jose State — 87

6. Hawaii — 35

Mountain Division

1. Boise State (20) — 183

2. Utah State (12) — 176

3. Colorado State (1) — 135

4. Wyoming  — 90

5. New Mexico — 56

6. Air Force — 53

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Running back Joey Iosefa and defensive end Beau Yap arrived in town. They're representing the Warriors:



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Click on icon for Iosefa/Yap video: hqdefault

Travel day

July 21st, 2014

The blog is taking its show to Las Vegas for the Mountain West football media preview.

We 'll have expanded posts soon. For now, we're, um, doing research.

Joey Iosefa and Beau Yap arrive tomorrow morning.

Uncle Jesse

July 20th, 2014

"I'm like the uncle who shares," Jesse Sapolu said.

Sapolu is just like any other uncle who was a center/guard for the San Francisco 49ers for 15 seasons, won four Super Bowl championships, and appeared in two Pro Bowls.

This summer in California, like the previous two years, Sapolu provided tutorial sessions for UH center Kody Afusia and right guard Dave Lefotu. (Sapolu and the two players met through Sapolu's son, London Sapolu, a former UH center.)

During a visit to Hawaii, Sapolu stopped by the Warriors' unsupervised workouts and offered advice to the UH linemen.

Sapolu's sessions focused on two points: 1) Be prepared and, 2) be prepared to adapt.

Sapolu said offensive linemen need to know the basics and this basic premise: Defensive linemen and pass rushers are not built alike. He cited the difference in blocking 6-foot-1 John Randle and 6-6 Leon Lett

"I can't play them the same way," Sapolu said. "(Lett) is 6-6. I can't reach him automatically. When people say it's a game of inches, it's more than the first-down marker. You have to move your game around to give yourself an edge."

Sapolu explained how he approached certain situations and matchups.

"I never want to say: ' I did it this way, so you should do it this way,'" Sapolu recalled. "I just want to let them know why I approached it this way or that way."

He also emphasized remaining confident, even if a pass-rusher gets through. He said every offensive lineman has been beaten on a play. "People who make it to the NFL," he said, "have been beaten the least. If you get beat, don't lose your confidence."

Training days

July 19th, 2014

The Warriors' first practice will be Monday, Aug. 4.

The tentative weekday schedule calls for weight training or conditioning drills in the morning, practice beginning at 2:15 p.m., and meetings/video reviews in the evening.

The afternoon start accommodates the players enrolled in Summer Session II classes between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Practices are expected to return to 7 a.m. starts on Aug. 25, the first day of UH's fall semester.

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Let's supposed a normal person wanted to lose a few pounds.

Normal Person would cut down on carbs, order a mini plate lunch instead of a regular, and walk a little more every day. Then Normal Person would remove his keys, wallet, pocket lint — heck, strip down to his Hanes — before stepping on the scale. (For legal and aesthetic purposes, it works best to use a scale in your locked bathroom.)

Normal Person would not announce his diet plans. He would just do it.

Why can't UH officials act like a Normal Person?

What's with all the grand-standing about hiring freezes and potential budget cuts? Why is there a declaration from atop the Hamilton Library steps every time a UH official has a fiscally responsible idea? If there's no money to hire a student worker, don't hire one. Every business has hiring freezes and budget cuts. If people were being fired, that would be Hamilton-step newsworthy. Hiring freezes and budget cuts? Not so much.

The problem with financial plans, like diets, is they're difficult to maintain. Just let us know at the end, not the starting line.